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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Seen On The Streets...
Roger Park

These pictures have been sitting in my Kodak EasyShare C530 digital camera for a couple of weeks now. Every once in a while I would turn it on and admire these two photos. This woman was on her way to the bus. I was actually on the opposite of the street when I saw her. I thought, "I've got to get a photo of her!" and I ran across the road, my purse and bags bouncing all over the place. I asked her about her outfit. Here's the scoop: the top is from H&M and the skirt is a thrift-store find. You'd think the three different patterns on the scarf, skirt and top would be too busy, but it actually works. It actually made me want to dig out a 1940s floral long skirt that I have sitting in my closet and try the same thing! I think it's hard to pull off wearing a skirt that grazes the ground during the day, but by golly, I think this girl did it. I wonder where she was going.


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