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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Dress A Day? Maybe.
See the poll results.

Sixty of you participated in my poll on dresses. I asked how often you wear dresses. Most of you (43.3 percent) opted to tell exactly what you think of frocks. The answers were riveting, and definitely perked me up on this rather kitchen-spoon grey day. A couple of you said dresses are an everyday affair; on the opposite end, a few of you only wear dresses when the occasion demands it at a funeral or a wedding. Another told me that she's a housewife and hasn't worn a dress in eight years. Still another respondent says the only dress she owns is a Civil War reproduction, and she doesn't even own a skirt. My favorite response? "I wear them 3 or 4 times in a month although I love dresses, my problem is I can't find a well fitting dress, my buttom, my waist and my breasts being 3 different sizes. So I wear skirts on an everyday basis." Now there's a bonafide excuse if you ever needed one! But then again you could choose a free-flowing dress that fits at the bust and ignore those two other measurements down south. What about dresses and I? I adore mostly looking at them - I have very few in my closet. I mostly wear jeans or skirts. But I often daydream about sewing or crocheting a dress. I just don't want to deal with the hem if I stitch up one on my sewing machine. Making sure it hangs evenly is just one really BIG nightmare in my mind. By the way, the empire-waist dress pictured above? It was snapped a few weeks ago near Water Tower in Chicago. The wearer tells me she bought it in Chicago. Would you wear something like this?


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