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Friday, September 22, 2006

In Praise of
White Eyelet

I snapped this photo at last week's fundraiser. I just adored this white eyelet top that this gal was wearing. It's clearly meant for blazing hot weather, but this gal simply layered it over a white t-shirt for a little more coverage and warmth. That's something I would do just to get more wear out of my favorite fabric. I like the aprony style of this halter top (I think it's from the Gap, where I almost never shop anymore); it's reminiscent of those 1930s apron patterns you often see on Ebay. Instead of being made up in one of those practical Depression-era kitchen prints, this apron is all about impracticality: a white cover-up that practically begs for a splash of ketchup or a squirt of mustard (I swear eyelet practically invite stains - I once ate a tamale tightly wadded up in a napkin and I still got a tiny stain on the neckline of my Anne Klein eyelet blouse). Anyhow, I'm all about living the summer-life (homemade pesto sauce, sandals, sunglasses) until it snows. How about you?


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