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Saturday, September 23, 2006

This short-sleeve knit dress, believe it or not, is from the 1960s or 70s, this gal tells me. It's hard to believe. It looks so contemporary, maybe something Missoni would have done on the fly for its lower-priced bridge line. And the zipper! I love zippers from 20-30 years ago. They're nice and hefty,very substantial. This vintage frock cost a mere $30 at a vintage shop in the Bucktown area. While this gal wore her dress with a pair of Mary Janes at the previously mentioned fundraiser event, it's kind of outfit that you could dress down. I could see it with a flaming red-leather jacket and matching boots. For a less attention-getting route, you could opt for brown leather boots and a fitted stressed-denim jacket.
What do you have in your closet from two or three decades ago that you could wear now and people would say, "Omigod-where-did-you-get-that-I-want-one-too."? (This is said really fast like it's one word, by the way). I saw a college graduate the other wearing a pair of rouge leather cowboy boots that her aunt wore in the 1980s that look like they could have been bought at Nordstrom's last week save for the really worn heels. I tried on what I now call my "Dynasty" dress the other day and it still fits, although it's more snug across the hips than when I wore regularly to friends' weddings. But with the refrigerator-wall thick shoulder pads, and a peplum that exaggerates my backside, plus the aforementioned fit on the south end of my bod, I'm not going to wear it anywear just now. Back to my question, what are you wearing now from the era when Madonna Ciccone tossed her last name out of the window and arched her Brooke Shields-thick eyebrows and sang, "Like a Virgin?"


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