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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Millinery Madness
Galway, Ireland
From the moment I walked into the G Hotel, I felt instantly like I was in my closet without all the tripping around and swearing that accompanies any trip into that room in my own home. A foray into my own wardrobe is a bit of an adventure: hatboxes, purses, and shoes fall upon me when I open the door.
So how does the G Hotel, designed by milliner Philip Treacy, resemble my closet? Well, for starters it's an instantly recognizable space. There are pictures of hats everywhere. By the reception desk, there's a black-and-photograph of a male model wearing this whimsical tall ship hat. When I saw that, I knew I was at my destination. Before I forget, there's also exactly four fabulous fuschia umbrellas parked in a rack by the entryway. They're intended for the impromptu rainfalls that this area is famous for, but I like to think they're the perfect cover for any of Mr. Treacy's chapeaux.
There's even a round mirror, surrounded with a fan of feathers that I swear looks Camilla Parker-Bowles' wedding hat. I have to wonder what came first: Camilla's topper or the mirror? Or did the mirror inspire Prince Charles' second wife's bridal headpiece? I suppose only a look at the timeline for the wedding and the hotel's design would tell me more. Or interviewing Mr. Millinery himself.
I couldn't help but think what the late Isabella Blow, an avid, avid fan of Mr. Treacy, would have thought of the G. I can picture her entering this place with great fanfare, an outrageous cocktail hat on her head. I never met the woman, but I was so saddened to heart about her recent tragic demise at such a young age. But I do think she lived adventurously during all the nanoseconds she spent on this planet. What's more, she inspired others (at least me, anyway) to be more bold, and not to worry about what others might think, and dare to be the Center of Attention, as she did. That hat you saw atop my suitcase? It's now on the coverlet of my massive bed, awaiting to be worn to dinner tonight. Other writers here may or may not appreciate the Millinery Genius behind this grand hotel, but I do, and I want to pay tribute to it, hopefully with another Guinness in my hand. (I had one at lunchtime - a bit of a disappointment as I heard that that brew was better here than in the States. My tastebuds beg to differ.)
I'm going to do my utter best to upload photos later today or tomorrow. Until then feel free to share what you know about Galway, Philip Treacy or Isabella Blow.

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