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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rainy Day
On Tuesday

Never Gets
Me Down

As long as it's warm and I have a hat. Yes, I enjoy sloshing in a rain shower without an umbrella if it's humid and I have something on top of my head. I'm thinking about thunderstorms because raindrops on tulips are in the forecast for Tuesday.
But I'd like to look really stylish for the watery onslaught. I frequently look like, well, I got caught offguard in the downpour. Wet hat, hair, no umbrella, and soggy pants.
So you can imagine I was enchanted when I saw these raincoats in the window at Neapolitan in Winnetka. Yet I couldn't help but think, "These coats need great hats!" The red number would be fabulous in a red and black vinyl topper, the others I just don't know. I can't think about them because the rouge coat just begs for attention like the tea kettle singing on my stove right about now. I had a fantastic close-up of that one (the coat, not the kettle), but I lost it when I was cleaning up the photos on my digital camera, which Insisted on deleting the more detailed photograph. I tried to stop the camera, but you know how gadgets have minds of their own, you know? Before you know it, my Cuisinart is going to be making dinners without me. I'll come home one day and there'll be a freshly-cute salad, all ready made for me. Actually, that's a little scary thought. Back to the photos and raincoats.
The red wrap-coat made me think of the raincoats in Singing in the Rain. Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds were covered head-to-toe in plastic. Yes, they still wore hats even though they had umbrellas, if you'll recall. A raincoat without a chapeau is very serious. Put on a hat you look like you're going to have fun. You appear to have a I-don't-know-even-mind-if-I-get-wet attitude if you even if do. You know what I mean? So if I ever get around to making a raincoat, I'm making a matching hat. (And there's some nice vinyl at Vogue Fabrics winking at me every time I scoot by, although I wonder if I should just make a jacket out of a red-and-white waterproof picnic fabric just like the ensemble on the cover of the latest issue of Readymade Magazine.) Anyhow, rain coat and hat, don't you agree?

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