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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Have a hat and
doggie, will travel

This is a page from a vintage 1950s edition of Vogue Knitting. What strikes me about the photograph is how contemporary it looks. How many celebs do we see walking around with their Chihuahuas, big bags and oversized sunglasses? Too many. But not enough go the extra mile and wear a cute hat. I guess that would bring too much attention, but that's precisely what I adore about the model in the photograph above. She doesn't feel the need to hide behind glasses. She's relaxed, happy and looks like she's on vacation if the resort in the background is any indication. My goodness, the life! I wonder what's in her purse. Definitely not a laptop. Smart woman. Nor a Blackberry. Even more brilliant. That's how I like to travel, light and not too much information, preferably with a knitting project so I don't batty while I'm sitting hours on a plane. If you're wondering if I'm going away, I am. Next week. Overseas. I'll tell you more in a future post.
Anyhow, I'm vaguely envious that this woman can wear a hat with NO BRIM. Here I am, temporarily doomed to hats with brims for a while. At least as long as I am wearing Lustra bleaching ointment on my dermis. Yesterday, I was wearing my pink suede cap (a no-no, according to my doc) and feeling Very Nervous about walking about letting Ms. Sunshine kiss my sensitive skin. However, I was wearing tons of Very Good Sunblock, not only the Neutrogena variety mentioned previously but La Roche-Posay's Anthelios SX, a daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen and Mexoryl, which blocks UVB and UVA rays. I got my sample of this product from my physician's office, but you can find it at select CVS pharmacies. So far, I'm looking good with not one but two sunscreens on my face even though I didn't wear the prescribed broad-brimmed topper yesterday....What kind of hats are you going to wear to protect you from the sun?

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