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Friday, May 11, 2007

Goodies in
My Mail Box

I swear this has been the best day in a looong while for getting goodies in the mailbox. For once, I don't have Important-looking but mysterious white envelopes (usually from mortgage or credit card companies), bills or even restaurant coupons wadded so tightly I have to pry out my mail, usually ripping the envelopes in the process.
What I got instead were two things. The swatches above from, which I got for FREE just for asking. Can you beat that with carrot stick? This little freebie is perfect because right now I'm on fabric diet. I'm trying very hard not to acquire new textiles because a) I'm participating in a SWAP and I want to use what I've already got in my bulging sack of fabrics b) if I'm going to buy fabric, I'll buy the best, nothing mediocre. It's kind of like having a hamburger. You can get your fix by going to McDonald's, which is everywhere and getting a cheeseburger. Or you can save your pennies, and go to Moody's Pub only here in Chicago for a really juicy, flavorful Moody Blue Cheeseburger. That's the way I feel about acquiring new cottons, knits, eyelets, wools, etc. Only the creme de la creme - but that will all probably go out my apartment window during my next visit to Vogue Fabrics.
In the meantime, free swatches gets me through lean times. I'll likely take this set of swatches with me on the train. I'll take it out, and pet each little bit, think about what I'd make with it if I could. Later, I'll set this out on my living room chair, and gaze it while I'm sitting on the couch, eating dinner on the run. And I'll ponder some more about What I Could Make if I Could.
Eventually, when I know the fabrics are gone for good, I'll toss the swatches. But only when I know that particular textile is gone from the planet we know as Earth. If I think it still exists somewhere, I can snip a corner of it and send it to my store of choice and see if they still have it! If they don't, no worries. It's all part of the thrill of the chase, the mother-of-a-story when I finally get my French-manicured hands on my heart's desire.
I already know that the Italian circle scallop eyelet in aqua is gone. So what? I know Vogue Fabrics in Evanston has the same fabric in white. I just might go buy a yard or two or three and dye it!
Oh yes, I forgot the second thing I received courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. A DVD a friend wants me to review. It's a 90-minute Guide to a Beautiful Wedding Dance. I can't wait to see it. What new moves can I learn to practice on prospective, attractive male? We'll see.
What fun stuff is in your mailbox today? A coupon from Jo-Ann Fabrics? Movies from Netflix? A letter written by a friend? Do tell!

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