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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Striped Ribbon
Rules, Don't You

Isn't cool how the white stripes get larger as you read across, and then black does the exact same thing as you return to the left side? It reminds me of the concentric circles that get wider and wider after you toss a rock into the water. If you could translate that same reaction to a strip of fabric this ribbon would be it. I could see this ribbon wrapped around a white straw fedora. Wouldn't that be a sharp look for summer? Especially since that colorway is now popular? I could also see this ribbon looped up atop a bed of matching Russian netting - white with black chenille dots for a cute cocktail hat. The reverse would be striking for a phenomenal evening look. That's the fun of vintage ribbons you can make them the stars on a hat. What I don't like to see is more than one ribbon on a chapeau. It looks too busy. It's far better for that one beautiful strip of fabric to be the main vocalist like Aretha Franklin and the hat, the lone back-up singer. Let the ribbon belt out an American Idol-worthy song! What's great about a ribbon is how little you need to achieve a great effect. A colleague bought his wife a $30 swath of vintage Victorian ribbon at Tinsel Trading in New York last week. I can't wait to see how she uses it! If you have a penchant for old trim, how do you use it? For what it's worth, I just noticed the address on the ribbon spool. I wonder what's at 1 W. 57th St. today? I know the Fashion District has been shrinking for a while, but I'm hoping this address isn't a Duane Reade or a Starbucks.

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