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Saturday, October 21, 2006

No Picture Today
wednesday, Sept. 27
Dear Pablo, I hope you're well and you enjoyed your nap today. I crumbled up your vitamins, and mixed them with some Moody's Pub burger and put that your food bowl before I left. I pray that you eat every last morsel of your meal.
For what it's worth, you'll be glad you didn't go to Fashion Focus at Millenium Park. No dogs were there, I'm afraid. Not one! I thought for sure one of the designers - Price Walton, Lara Miller, Orlando Espinoza, Kent Nielsen, Katrin Schnabl - would trot out on the runway with a fashionable malapoo or some such tiny canine. Sadly, that wasn't the case.
I sat in the front row with all these photographers, and in back of the cameramen for ABC, NBC and Fox News. I have to tell you I felt a wee bit out of place with my little Kodak EasyShare C530. Those other guys had these massive pricey digital cameras with mega-zoom lens bigger than a Great Dane's jaw. I can only imagine how the little steam engine that could felt when the monstrous diesel locomotives started becoming popular. My minature digicam strained to take photos - but all I got were tiny images of models striding down the runway. Nothing worth barking about or saving to the hard drive.
What else? Since there were no dogs, there were no doggie outfits. I thought that perhaps Double Stitch might have a crocheted ensemble or two for our four-legged friends, but natch. Or course you don't need any sweaters - you've got your Siberian-thick fur to keep you warm.
There weren't any doggie bags either. Although the hor d'oeurves were delicious. None of your favorite carrots or apples though. A waiter whizzed by with trays of sushi every minute and half. I filled myself up on those, so dinner wasn't necessary.
As for the designers, my hands-down favorite was Maria Pinto. I adored her "Tallulah black cette wool overcoat (as it was described in a Fashion Focus flyer). The fabric, black with a muted metallic red plaid print, had to be from Italy. The coat looked very Kate Hepburn-ish with the oversized notched lapel and long, long length. Perfect for 5 a.m. dog walks! It would cover the jammies, but probably not last night's mascara smudges. Need a hat from Price Walton to cover that up!
Well, that's about it, my friend. I'll be home soon so we can take our last walk for the day and snack on carrot sticks together, ok?
Love and kisses,
Mary Beth


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