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Monday, August 14, 2006

For the Love
of Cowboy Hats

Until I saw the hat sitting on author Debbier Stoller's head (pictured left) in real life at Arcadia Knitting I had no real interest in cowboy hats. I loved the sophisication of my fedoras, cocktail hats and caps. But a cowboy hat? I don't live in the Wild West, and I most certainly don't ride horses on a regular basis. So, no cowboy hat, thank you.

But then I saw this hat crocheted in white yarn at Arcadia. Suddenly I wanted to make one. I had vintage hat wire for the brim, all I needed was some yarn, a crochet hook, and a little cockiness to whip up this adorable topper in no time. All this cowboy hat love got me snapping pictures of women wearing the real McCoys. The one in the middle was photographed yesterday in Wicker Park, the other at the Evanston Farmers' Market. Once I finish my crocheted skirt from Stoller's book, it's onto the hat in white. Or maybe red. Or purple? Who knows until I start yarn shopping? What color would you make this hat if you were so inclined?


Blogger Nanimal said...

olive green

10:46 PM  

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