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Monday, October 02, 2006

Let Go of My Leggings:
A New Survey

It seems everywhere I go I hear girls, women and grannies talk about how much they hate leggings. But....somebody's wearing them. To wit; these 3/4 length leggings in the style of Sienna Miller (that's what the online advertisement says) are sold out. If you want a pair like these, you're going to have to shop on eBay, Craig's List or somewhere else, perhaps Target.
That got me many of you actually don't like leggings or are wearing them on the sly? See to the left a poll I created on the topic. Feel free to leave a comment below if none of the responses match how you really feel. I'll leave the poll up for a week and let you know the results!


Blogger Diane said...

No, no and NO. I wore them in the 80s with tunic tops and now they're pushing them to be worn under dresses? I love the skinny pants but alas, they only really look good on supermodels and since I don't that that body anymore, I won't be buying any. Ditto for leggings!

9:41 AM  

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