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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Slippery Slope

Over here in this corner of our vintage "Undergarments of the 20th Century" we have a slip, which is defined by the Webster's Dictionary as a "loose garment worn under a woman's dress." This undergarment was commonly worn by women, teenage girls, and any female of the human species of old enough to wear a dress or a skirt."
I'm being somewhat facetious talking about the slip as part of a museum exhibition. It's already been done, as a cursory Google search has indicated. Unfortunately, my young nieces and nephews would bored with such a show. My young niece, age 6, wrinkled her little nose when I suggested that she could wear a slip under a crocheted skirt I was thinking of making her. She was thinking of wearing a pair of shorts instead. Somehow shorts under a see-through lacy skirt makes me think of Madonna in her permed hair days. I must shake that thought!
This is a long-winded way of launching a discussing of my survey results on slips. Last week I asked you all how often you wore slips. Nearly 28 percent of you (and there were 46 of you who cared enough about this topic to respond) checked "I despise slips. I don't own a single one" box. Another 13 percent tell me you'll don one once a month. Approximately 48 percent told me exactly how you feel about this sometimes sticky undergarments. Here are my favorite answers:
  • I don't actualy (sp) own any slips but lately I am wearing more skirts and dresses and thinking that slips would be wonderful. I may buy one. (As an aside, eBay is a great source of slips. You can also find a plentiful supply at the thrift stores. Go on a Monday and get them for half-price. A half-slip for half-price. Hee hee.)
  • I would wear them more often if I could find ones I like! I need several lengths and colors but are hard to find. My one awsome 50s red vintage slip I wear maybe 4-5 times a year. (I didn't correct the spelling here. It should be awesome with two ees. Notice I have an old ruby slip pictured above which is up for auction on the aforementioned eBay. What's the attraction to these things? I saw one recently at Viva Vintage with a black poodle applique. It was so cute!)
  • This is one male knitter who doesn't wear slips. (Thankfully! Although I've wondered about Mel Gibson when he wears a kilt. That wool can be awfully scratchy.)
  • Whenever I'm wearing a skirt that's not lined. The ghost of my grandma would haunt me if I didn't wear a slip under a skirt. Any skirt! (Amen, sister. My mother who is very much alive bugs me when I don't wear one.)
That's it for now. Until the next post, you might want to check out this Freudian slip.
I actually believe this would be a great Halloween costume (a tad chilly unless you're at a party where there are lots of people and alcohol. You could even make your own version of this slip. Add a man's silk robe and a stethoscope; buy a pair of pincenez from an antique store. Be sure to tell everyone you can analyze their dreams. For a price, of course!)


Blogger Jan said...

I wear a slip every day under my dresses. I make my own slips, full and cut on the bias. I used to make them with spaghetti straps, but lately I've been making them as sort of sleeveless dresses. I've also started using the heavier taffeta silks from decorator fabrics because they last so much longer (I wash my slips a lot.) I recommend slips and I have to say that a lovely silk charmeuse slip can really give a boost to your self esteem. IMHO.

6:58 PM  
Blogger sliplovin66 said...

I think a fullslip or a halfslip is one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie a woman can wear. It leaves so much more to the imagination, not to mention the pure sexiness of the nylon and lace and the way the nylon caress' a woman's body. I'm getting exited just thinking about it. Personally, I think the sexiest slips ever made in the U.S. were from the 80's. But if you really want to talk sexy. Then we'll have to go over to Japan. There you will find, without a doubt, THE MOST SEXIEST SLIPS EVER MADE ON THIS EARTH!
I wish I could find a woman that still loves to wear slips. I know one thing, she sure wouldn't have to try too hard to make me hard (I mean happy) LOL!

12:27 AM  

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