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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Knitting Shop
Is Closed!

I feel a tad bit sad that I'm leaving the G Hotel, but even more terrified to get behind the wheel (you drive on the right side of the car, and the opposite side of the road) to explore Ireland's Connemara region.But one thing I want to do before I left town was to hit up this knitting shop before my mother and I head off into the countryside. However, it's closed on Sundays. Isn't that a shame? If there's anything I'd like to buy before I leave Ireland is some yarn. I want some kind of reminder of the thousands of sheep I've been seeing in the countryside. Of course, I could get up-close-and-personal photo with the same but it wouldn't be the same. Even snipping a little bit off the creature's coat wouldn't be the same. No, this Yank would like some hanks, thanks! I'm just going to have to keep my brown eyes peeled for other stores while I'm driving. No, actually I think I will be keeping my eye on the road, making sure I'm on the correct side of the road. My mother will keep in me in check too. Any ideas on what other shops to explore on our way back to Shannon Airport?

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