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Saturday, August 12, 2006


I like this wrap top. I think it's the combination of the argyle and all those fall colors. I like how it's funked up on the cover of WrapStyle with an earflap hat because that's precisely how I'd wear it too. And a pair of well loved jeans! This particular argyle wrap top on the left was knitted up by the ladies at Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines, Ill. They also had this scrumptious shawl above knitted in Blueberry. It was already sold out, so I put my name on a waiting list. Now I'm a blueberry aficionado, so I figure this would be appropriate attire for raiding the freezer and eating all those frozen blue orbs just like I used to do as a kid. Then I'd have teeth to match my shawl. Ha ha.


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