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Thursday, August 16, 2007

You Never Know Where
Your Hat Will Take You

In this case, my hat led me to the canine you see above. I was on my way from my morning work-out when I encountered this little pooch wandering around across the street from my apartment.

I have to tell you, I'm not one to pick up strays, dandelions with questionable provenance, or even wrapped pieces of bubble gum on the street. However, after I saw a small dog demolished by a bus a month ago (somehow it got loose and was trying to visit friends), I couldn't let the same fate befall this creature.

First, I grabbed this little gal by the nape because she was aiming to travel somewhere where large metal vehicles go. Then I called 311 on my cell phone, begging them to come and pick up this peachy dog pronto. When I realized that I might be waiting a while in this big city we call Chicago where emergency 911 calls take greater precedence, I took my unnamed mammal home. I called the city's hotline again from there.

When I realized that my town's finest would likely take this poodle to the pound, I decided to hold off and see if I could find the dog's owner on my own. I started asking strangers on the street if they knew of a missing pet. One, two, three, no one knew. Someone suggested I put a listing on Craig's List, so I did.

In the meantime, I felt like the instant mother of a newborn, like I'd just given birth to a baby and I didn't know I was pregnant (the fodder of many a dream, I have to say). It's been a while since I've had pet in my household. It's been more than a year since Freaky, my feline, graced this place. I don't have a litter box, a lead, or even a collar in my possession.

I felt a little panicky. Would this creature with big soulful brown eyes chew me out of house and home? Destroy my shoes (I put a few out of harm's way)?. Piddle where she shouldn't? I was nervous to say the least. I set out a pot of water in my kitchen.

Later in the day, I bought a bag of Purina Alpo Prime Cuts. I placed a bowl of the latter out just before I made off for Arcadia Knitting to get some assistance on my pleated skirt pattern (it arrived a few days ago, hurrah!) and then my lindy-hop class. I was skittish about leaving my found treasure alone in my condo so I barricaded her into my kitchen with an inflated air mattress so she couldn't leap into living room.

She didn't like that in the least, protesting Loudly. I left her, hoping I wasn't causing any psychological harm (actually I was more concerned about her making a mess). I put out a couple of sections of the Chicago Tribune before I locked my door.....

Oddly enough, I noticed earlier she had no interest in pattern pieces for a top on the floor in my bedroom. Freaky would have ripped those to shreds faster than you say, "No, Get Away From there!"

How do your pets (or lack thereof) get along with your belongings and hobbies?

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Blogger mamafrog said...

Can't tell you how many pets I wound up with over the years because of that kind of thing! Six or seven dogs, one lizard, one snake, and now a cat who rules the house. About ten years ago we had a big red Doberman come through our neighborhood. Our kids were playing baseball in the empty lot next to our house and he just had to join them. Though he seemed afraid of men and hid behind my teenage daughter a lot. (And this was a BIG dog, too!) We wound up keeping him for many years, along with three other mutts, but had to give them up to a shelter when we moved out of state. Absolutely one of the biggest regrets of my life. Nothing like sitting down to dinner and having the drool run out of his mouth while he watched you. Yes, he got a lot of my plates, but he was a great watchdog. He was a big chicken, but looked really scary! The cat we have now was another wanderer, who must have belonged to the people who had this house before us. We've had him for five years now. Never thought of myself as a cat person, but I guess I am now. There is an old saying (Chinese, Japanese??) that it's good luck to adopt a dog that comes to your door. Of course, it may be someone else's as it looks awfully well cared for, so you can't say what the old axiom says then!

6:27 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

She looks a lot like my little Maltese Sophia who is looking a big scruffy at the moment herself. I hope her family is looking frantically for her. Sophia would have shredded those pattern pieces to bits so obviously this little girl's owners aren't sewers. Thanks for bringing her home and loving her so she will be safe until she is found by her humans.

9:35 PM  
Blogger the_sewist said...

Sharon, it turns out she's actually a poodle/Maltese mutt. I did indeed find the owners. I tell the tale tomorrow....

11:25 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

What a cutie! You are an angel to keep her safe too. K Q:-)

4:55 PM  

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