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Friday, August 03, 2007

Whoa Sweater!

Here's the sweater I've yakking about for the past month. It's the same exact top on the cover of the Summer Issue of Vogue Knitting's knit.1, except my version is cuter. Much. But that isn't that to be expected about when you're talking about a baby you've birthed. I think this top was a no-brainer - directions and stitching were so straightforward. The hardest part was the last part - the ribbing at the hip. That had to be adjusted with the helpful ladies at Arcadia Knitting. Will I be bragging about this project the way my mom talks about how I was her "easiest" baby to bring into the world? (My mother tells me that it took a mere two hours for me to exit her womb, shake off the placenta and start breathing on my own. I credit my narrow shoulders and my eagerness to be independent!)

This is also the first bonafide sweater I've made aside from ponchos and skirts, which are essentially the same. My latest creation has armholes and a defined waist. It made its debut Tuesday night at my library talk with the chartreuse skirt and my Born drilles (sandals) with matching, detachable leather flowers!

It felt a little odd to have this cuff of ribbing at my neck, but overall it's comfortable. I really adore how it's sleeveless, making it perfect for my city's infamous humid summer days. The chevron effect on the bodice is slimming too. My only little complaint is that I found myself tugging up the ribbing at the neckline. I think I'm used to fabric with stretch. I wonder if this 50s-like wonder could be knitted with a cotton/poly stretchy fiber?

Would I make this magazine-cover project again? Sure, with a slightly better yarn. This is the kind of apparel you could wear to work (with a lightweight shawl so you can survive indoor air-conditioner) and out on the town. I suspect I'll be wearing this with a pair of jeans and turquoise earrings one day soon. Now I just need to find some new blue flowers for my sandals. The others are lost. eBay here I come!

What knitting projects are you most proud of?

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Blogger Kate said...

Congratulations on finishing! It looks great! I have struggled with teaching myself to knit and am most proud of that first baby sweater I knit. Had to rip it out 10 times until I got it right but I did finish it. The second one went without a hitch. K Q:-)

2:22 PM  
Blogger mamafrog said...

Very Mairlyn Monroe-ish, I'm sure you look gorgeous in it. With jeans would probably be nicely dressy casual.

2:10 AM  

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