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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Close Call.

Yesterday I got on the train all ready to work on the last few rows of my knitted sleeveless sweater.
I dig into my Natonal Trust for Historic Preservation canavas tote and my hand freezes. No knitting. I fish around again, my fingers bumping over the wadded up Adora calcium foils, tiny rubber marks I use as markers, and general grit. Nothing.

I think back quickly. Is it at home? In the train's Lost and Found Department from the previous day's travel? I'm saying aloud, "I cannot lose any more knitting or yarn."

Instantly, thought, I'm at peace. If it's lost, Gone Forever, it's ok. I had fun making the top. It was probably the quickest thing I've ever made, the one where I had the least questions. It made me feel like I'm a somewhat accomplished knitter, even though I'm not competing against anyone else. It's just nice to know I can whip up yarn into a piece of apparel almost as quickly as I can sew. That's probably the most frustrating thing about knitting (besides all the COUNTING)...coming to a dead end, and not knowing what to do next unless I ask at least one other person What to Do. Kind of going on a trip. eh? So anyhow, I had visions of my nearly done top in the garbage (sob!)...but you know what? There are lots of other projects out there, other dreams to pursue even if one ends up in the trash, much like that baby alpaca probably did.

Those thoughts helped calmed me down...and prevented the endless replay of "Where's that project?" all day when I couldn't look until I got home. Somehow, I knew deep down, that my work wasn't for naught. The sweater was more than likely, parked on my couch at home.

Wouldn't you know that's exactly where it was? Stuffed in a beige plastic bag, with my business card stapled to it. (I'm getting smarter as I move along in life: business cards in everything I tote along with me. That way I increase the chances that the item, if it's separated from its mother - me - will be returned. Besides, I have hundreds of these little cards - why not do something practical with them?)

What do you do when something's lost and you can't look for it immediately? By the way, I'm going on a camping overnight. I'm debating whether or not to bring the knitting. If it fits into my overnight bag, it's coming. Otherwise, it's staying at home with the rest of my belongings.

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