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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knitting Socks?
Not Now. Maybe Never.

I just can't excited about knitting socks. No matter what permutation, stitch or yarn is used. I think it's largely because socks are hidden for the most part, unless you're one of those people who wear your pretty socks with your dresses, skirts, shorts, and culottes, just like the models in knitting magazines like Knitscene or Vogue Knitting.

I don't wear socks unless I'm wearing pants and it's really cold outside or I'm going to bed. Chances are the socks I'm wearing will not only be hidden by my garment but my shoes too. You couldn't tell I'm wearing a toe-warmers made in China or right here in the U.S. Consequently, you wouldn't know if they were a pricey cashmere blend or a cheapo cotton/poly variety.

That's the main reason why you won't see me knitting socks. Cuz you won't see 'em when I'm done. I want to be able to show off my work without having to yank up my cuffs every five seconds. "You see these? Took me forever. First one was finished last year. The second one I had to make a bet with my cat to finish." What I wear tends to be strictly utilitarian, bought by the six-pak at Marshalls. And when I get a hole by the big toe? I sew it up on my sewing machine, using whatever color thread is on the spool since no one's going to see my socks unless we're talking about the five seconds in the locker room when I've doffed my sneakers and I'm about to bare my feet.

I'm cool with knitting hats, skirts, sweaters, cardigans, purses, gloves, leg warmers, maybe a pair of knee-length lace stockings. Anything that the public can see, because I want to be able to brag about my work easily. I don't need to burn any calories in the process which is what would be required with showing off anything hand-knitted on my feet.

It's highly unlikely I'll be knitting socks for others since I'm unlikely to expend that kind of energy for myself. My greatest fear would that the recipient of my hand-made footies would never wear them OR they would wear them to death and then TOSS them when they get a hole in the area that gets the most friction. I just cannot handle either kind of grief, which is why I sew and knit for myself because I appreciate it all. I even wear my "mistakes" (also known as apparel with designer touches). Last night I wore a sleeveless hand-sewn shell that had some wonky binding on it to bed. It was comfortable, perfect for the extra-humid nights we've been having lately (no, I don't use air-conditioning).

Anyhow, less you think the 100 percent merino wool sportweight yarn on the needle in the picture is intended for my ankles and below, the answer is no. It's for a Blue Sky Alpaca knitted pleated skirt. Something sensible that I can Show Off Without Effort.

Tell me why you knit socks (if you're so inclined) just so I understand.



Blogger Kate said...

I've been fascinated with the idea of knitting sox since I shared a dressing room with a former dancer who knit gorgeous socks. Am determined to learn for myself since they are quick projects, we have lots of great Sockenwolle here and I love pretty things - even if only I see them. My sister just sent me a great book on knitted socks and I will start a pair to take to Barcelona next week where I will meet my knitting guru who can show me how to turn a heel. (I seem to learn better by seeing than reading instructions.)
K Q:-)

2:35 AM  
Blogger betsyhoneyvenom said...

I can't buy socks that fit well. Women's are usually too small, men's too large. A great fit, like I can only get with handknit left right shaped toes, is an incredible pleasure to wear, especially compared to the toe-torture of most RTW socks with raised toe seams. Like any fancy pretty underthings, it's first about how it makes me feel, showing off looks is an occasional bonus. And the pleasure of making such neat,dear,clever little things.

11:32 PM  

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