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Saturday, July 14, 2007

In the Mood for Lindt Excellence
85 percent Cocoa

We're talking the Dark Extra Fine version. It's not the milky and sweet stuff you might know and love. But I picked up the Lindt bar yesterday at the local CVS pharmacy while I on a conference break (by the way, CVS is becoming a great resource for good-quality but inexpensive chocolate from Dove, Hershey's, Ghiradelli, Lindt, and other manufacturers. Even Walgreen's doesn't have this kind of selection!)

I woke up this morning. When I realized I didn't have enough oatmeal for my first meal of the day, I grabbed the Lindt bar and nibbled on that. I think I save the rest of my breakfast appetite for the hotel, where I'll be spending the rest of the day back at the confab.

Yesterday I brought my knitting to this particular meeting to work on not just during my commute, but on site. I sat next to a window. I was in the state of sheer bliss, purling away, listening to the speakers. I only poked my neighbor every once in a while, and she didn't complain one iota! I felt like I was at the height of creativity listening, creating and even asking questions related to the topic at hand. What's really cool is that I'm making progress on my Sewing With A Plan, which ends on the 31st. My Lake Michigan on a Summer's Day blue knit top will the fourth top (and only one thing can be knitted as least for this contest). I'll need to sew like a Chicago demon for the rest of the month, finishing that black batiste blouse and launching a few other clothing projects into the atmosphere, but I'll do it if it's the last thing I do in July (entirely possible given that's the end of the month is the last day of entry). I wish I could show you a picture of me hard at work wearing my acid green assymetrical skirt (New Look 6571), sandals with matching leather flowers, a long-sleeve Anne Klein white eyelet blouse I sewed, and my black H&M hat embellished with pins. My German grandmother would proud of my knitting, but she'd worry about what others might think - especially the woman to my left. Do you ever pull your knitting out at meetings? How do people near you respond?



Blogger Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I needlepointed in a class in grad school, and my prof tartly told me to put it away. SHE was the one who said not to take notes, because she would hand out notes later, and I think better with my hands moving...
Needlepoint is quieter than knitting...

3:53 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

I used to embroider during play rehearsals (when I was not onstage) and still have and wear a Vogue patterned muslin blouse embroidered with poppies that I stitched in the 70s.

2:51 AM  

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