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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When I'm Feeling Deprived...

I feel like I haven't been to Vogue Fabrics in the looongest time. I wanted to the classroom Sunday afternoon and sew to my large heart's content. I've already forgotten what I did during that time (the past 72 hours have been action-packed but I'm certain I'll recall the events of Sunday, June 24 as soon as I upload this post). Then Monday night, when Vogue has its Free in-store demo, I had to go to condo board meeting. Oh, I could have blown it off but I had issues that needed to be addressed. I even thought of making my pilgrimage afterwards, then I was too tired. I thought, "There's always Thursday..." when the store is open until the heavenly hour of 9 p.m! Isn't that sheer bliss?

So I'm already thinking of doing a little fabric shopping tomorrow evening. I cannot wait. I think I last walked in the store's hallowed halls a week ago and I didn't buy an unblessed thing! Discipline. Now I need an invisible to finish a eyelet skirt, and of course, I must add to my stash. Or at least pet the textiles there. They need my caresses, my tender love. I honestly feel they perk up after my fingers have touched their surfaces, even though I swear the nap definitely looks a little limp if I don't buy a yard of two after I've made contact with the aforementioned object. It's kind of like when someone fawns overs a German Shepherd at animal shelter and doesn't adopt on the spot. You can only imagine how that poor canine feels!

It helps considerably that tomorrow is already leading into the Fourth of July weekend, when I will waste lots of time, particularly on the computer, avoiding any house-cleaning duties. I know I'll be knitting, because my hands can't be idle not for a moment. Sewing? Maybe. I've cut out enough projects to work on. It's just a matter of do I want to work in the isolation of the Klatt compound on the sewing machine or make meaningful contact with other Humans? Sometimes it's a bit much to spend too many solitary hours even if I'm stitching a beautiful piece of apparel. I don't feel that way about knitting or crocheting, which are usually done in the company of others, sometimes too many.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to use the Vogue classroom this Sunday due to a family function. I'm not sure when I will be able to enter my favorite room in the whole town of Evanston. Maybe Sunday, the 8th? I'm praying fervently nothing comes up just so I can spend time in a space surrounded by Vogue, Simplicity, Butterick and other pattern books. Now is that Heaven on Seven or what?

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Blogger Kate said...

Sounds heavenly to me! Sometimes I have to remind myself that all these cute clothes we're making are for going out and socializing with people. Of course the making is a big part of the fun too.

We have lovely lace outlets here but the fabric stores are sparse. So disappointing!

Enjoy your crafty holiday weekend.
K Q:-)

3:10 AM  

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