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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sewing Something Slightly Too Small.... the hips. Yes, friends I have cut Simplicity 4674, View D, in the largest size in my envelope, a size 12, which translates to a 36-inch hip. That part of my body doesn't come to that measurement, and it hasn't in a long time; in fact, I might have been a teen when the tape measure rested at those numbers on that part of me. Yet. I'd like to think my buttocks could shrink four more inches. It's funny, I've lost 10 pounds so I can feel the different when I slip on pants without having having tug every which way, and skirts are slightly loose in the waist. Yet when it comes to the roundest part of my anatomy...well, it still looks the same. The proportions haven't changed.

So I knew precisely what I was doing when I cut my precious Anne Klein galloon-edged black eyelet. Could I have drafted the edges of the pattern to flare out more to accommodate my figure? I suppose I could have. I felt lazy, even a little optimistic that I could get a reshaped bottom (mine) into what looks a Skirt Too Small. It's kind of like those pink brocade pants I bought from Marshalls two years ago thinking I could diet my way into them. I tried them on the other day...they're still a tad bit too snug for my taste.

But back to my sewing project. I'm going to line it with black batiste (I thought for a nano-second that a fuschia version of the same fabric would look delightful - but that would mean calling up Kashi at Metro Textiles in New York City on the off chance he still has some. Besides, I want to use what I have). It will look pretty, even downright cute on my mannequin. This eyelet number is supposed to be no. 4 for my Sewing With A Plan excursion. Now tell me, do you think apparel has to actually fit in order for it to be part of the plan? If so, I'm going to have add some yoga, drink more liquids than ever for this skirt to fit. Of course, it might help to actually sit down in the front of the sewing machine.



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