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Monday, August 07, 2006

Chuck Taylor Extravaganza

Overheard on the dance floor before the dj turned up the volume on Bei Mir Bist du Schön by the Andrews Sisters:
Blackie (B): Hey, want to do dance?
Red (R) : Sure.
(The two pairs start to do a six-count lindy hop.)
B: I'm Blackie by the way. What's your name?
R: I'm Red.
B: Come here a lot?
R: While, I'm new here. I just escaped from Payless last week. I finally have a life outside of a box!
B: I was at Famous Footwear for seemed like the longest time. I hated those sales people. And all those fat people trying me on!
R: Me too. I thought my seams were going to rip and then I'd be tossed in the garbage can before my time!
B: So you're new to dancing.
R: Not too new. I've been to Big City Swing. The dance instructors there are so nice. They don't step on you too much.
B: I hear ya. Say, you know High-Tops over there?
(B points one of his shoe-ties to a pair of faded navy Chucks on the dj spinning CDs).
R: Not really well. High-Tops is an amazing dancer. She's danced with Frankie Manning! I think she's also danced with Snazzy Whites over there. He does the most amazing slides and spins. I think his soles might be chromed. There's no way he can do all those moves on this sticky floor.
B: We should tell High-Tops to throw down some talc on the floor for better traction.
R: Good idea! I'll ask her after the break.
(Conversation gets drowned out after the dj cranks up the volume.)


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