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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hurry Up!
We'll ignore for the moment that this 1930s-era black-net jacket measures 32" at the bust, 26" at the waist. Just check out those square, mirrored buttons. The puffy sleeves! The pointy collar that's just begging to be ironed or at least steamed. Isn' this 1930s black-net jacket breathtaking? The leavy black-on-black motif on the fabric? If you were a teeny gal with nearly a flat chest and skinny arms, this jacket would be just the thing to wear out on the town. I see it with a matching camisole and jeans to catch a movie, a longer glossy gown for a fancy-schmancy dinner with the boss and colleagues. However you wear it, it would be a conversation piece. For $65 it can be yours at This top and plenty of other vintage dresses, shoes (!!) and sewing patterns are brand-new at the online store. Well, at least as of yesterday. Many of those patterns and some of the dresses will disappear in a flash. So hurry along...get shopping!


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