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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Real Deal

I kid you not, but this woman's name is Dimple Dang. I'd like to tell you she's a doula, a dancer or even a doughnut shop owner to keep the whole alliteration thing going, but she is actually the president of Fashionista Nail Spa & Image Consulting Inc.
I snapped her picture at the party because I liked her ensemble. All that orange! Somehow it didn't overwhelm her petite frame. (By the way, the jacket's is from Dolce & Gabbana in Las Vegas, the European shoes from a local shop, and I forget who made the handbag. Can anyone help me out here?) Anyway, Dimple told me her parents named her after an Indian movie star. Get this - Dimple really has dimples. (Sorry I don't have a close-up. But I can indeed verify she has adorable dimples on her cheeks.)
Now how many of us are given first names that pay tribute to our physical attributes and actually share the same initial with our last names? The only one I can think of is a fictional character, the ill-fated Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone With The Wind. Rhett named her after her blue eyes. The one alliterative moniker that takes my best features into account bents the rules because I have to misspell a word: Klefty Klatt, to honor my cleft chin. But I don't like that name one bit. Sounds a baddie out of the Wild West. How about you? What first name could you come up with that shares the first initial of your last name and plays to your unique, cool characteristics?


Blogger Odessa from Frozen Country said...

Ahhhh, Klatt with the cleft. I have one as well. They make a person look distinguished! Love your site thus far. Today, I am wearing a striped skirt, silver and gold intertwined wedge sandals and carrying a purse that looks like a slice of watermelon. I finally feel like summer and I am having my own sewist moment! Keep up the snapping!

11:03 AM  

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