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Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Have Recommendations For You

Even if you're an infrequent visitor to, you'll know that this mega-bookseller always, always has suggestions on what books to buy based on what you previously looked at on the site. So if you Vintage Knitting for Dummies, they'll suggest you might like Miniature Trains for Dummies. (By the way, I made those titles up, they don't really exist to my knowledge). Now People Magazine has gotten into the "if you like this, you might like that" act. In one of its latest issues, the rag suggested that readers might like unknown Brad Pitt look-a-like if they like the real McCoy.

I just don't buy the notion that if you like the way one thing or person looks, you'll like something very similar. I mean really. If your husband has a twin, and Heaven forbid something happens to your hubby, does that mean you and the twin (assuming he's single) are going to hit off? No way! Too many variables.

Which brings me to caps, which is what you see a lot of women wearing these days, including this girl waiting on the L platform recently. This particular cap (not a hat, mind you) is embellished with little appliques. With and People Magazine in mind, does that mean this girl in the picture would like Eugenia Kim's hats? "The Marissa" resembles her cap. Or that she might like this cute vintage 1940s red felt cap at Woodland Farms Antiques? No and no. My point is that just because you like one cap doesn't mean you'll like another. Everybody's taste is unique. Some people like new caps, and avoid vintage ones like they're pimply boys with colds. Others are willing and adventuresome enough to wear both (not at the same time - though that would be interesting to see.)

By the way, the red cap (which has a great self-fabric bow) has been sitting on the Internet shelf for at least a year. While it resembles a hunting hat, I think this cap would be striking with a pair of brown boots and a denim skirt come fall. Just think - you can buy that hat now and be ready when the leaves fall! If not, I've got other recommendations for you....


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