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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Signature Style

I was desperately wanting to reference this book yesterday while I was writing my post about the woman wearing the scarf outside the Loop. I just knew author Veronique Vienne had something clever to say about scarves in her book, "French Style: How to Think, Shop and Dress Like A French Woman." It had been a few years since I read this book, but I was right. There it was on page 87.
"Think of your scarf as your handwriting. Like the punctuation in a sentence, a scarf emphasizes the important details. It should act as a comma, an exclamation point, a hyphen or a dash. Don't use it to cross T's and dot your I's. Keep it loose and spirited.

The scarf on the Loop girl, I think, was an exclamation point. It was a sapphire blue, much brighter than her dark denim skirt. I thought it looked sassy and sophisticated. I think Vienne could have appreciated this woman's style. How often do you wear scarves? And how do you wear them?


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