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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Andersonville Midsommarfest Redux

This young woman is wearing a tie-skirt. I don't know the story behind it - if she made it or she found it in a thrift-store or if a friend did the work. But you know the skirt's a conversation piece in any event. She had a guy friend with her and he was dressed just as stylishly in his trench coat. They made quite the fashion statement in a sea of people wearing t-shirts, denim jeans and flip-flops.

From the moment I saw this sweater coat I knew a) it was hand-knitted b) that it was made from Noro yarn. And I was right on both accounts. I love sweater coats; I own several. They keep you warm, and they look fantastic with jeans. I'm not sure that this particular sweater coat is being worn the best way possible. I mean this woman likely spent at least a couple of hundred dollars on skeins of Noro yarn, which is not cheap. For that kind of money why not really show this coat off? Make it the Beyonce of the ensemble - the top, jeans, even the shoes should be the back-up singers.

As it is, the white t-shirt steals the show from the coat, and draws your eye to the white socks and the tan shoes. What a shame.


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