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Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Losing Sleep Over This...Almost

I just learned yesterday that once I've paid for using the Vogue Fabrics classroom 10 times, I'll receive a $20 gift certificate. To date I've used that special space six times; yes, I can count 'em on two hands now. So that means just four more afternoons in that room and the store employees will give me a piece of paper that I can use to spend more money at my favorite shop in the whole universe (well, Mood Fabrics is my favorite shopping destination in New York City - but that's a different world, in my opinion). What do I spend the money on? I've really pondered this. More patterns, ones that are hard to get at Jo-Ann's or Hancocks? I was thinking maybe a new Silhouette pattern or two. Or even a couple of Christine Johnson ones. Or do I splurge on a couple of yards on say that the lurex-shot paisley linen from Italy that I always touch on my way to the notions room? Wait. I'd probably outspend the gift certificate on just a yard of that textile. I even thought of buying a foot or two (but not two arms, I've already got enough of those on my body, thank you) for my Viking (the sewing machine, not the Scandinavian). Or do I go crazy in the remnants section, where I nearly always find 1 1/2 yards of some jersey knit that cannot be found anywhere else in the Chicagoland or perhaps even in the Midwest. Or maybe I can get a new pair of scissors. I'm so frugal (or so I like to think, but if that's truly the case than how do you explain the bulging bin of fabric in my closet? It's so big that when I pulled it out recently, it got caught on the door, yanking out a couple of slats in the process.) that I actually think about buying fabric before I take the Big Plunge, unless there's only a few yards on a particularly popular bolt that I absolutely must have. I usually take home swatches and study them. If these materials are MIA when I return, I just figure there's always other cloth out there, especially online. In that case, I usually console myself by buying a textile I don't like nearly as much. It's kind like when you hear that guy you've liked secretly for years is getting married, you decide to go on a date with some guy you're not wild about, well, just because. What do you do when a favorite knit, wool, silk, eyelet or chiffon sells out before you can get your justifiable share?

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Blogger Madame C said...

I rekon you have to choose one of the two extremes.

As many bargains as possible for twenty dollars or spend all of it on the fanciest fabric you can.

Anything in between just won´t do.

7:30 AM  

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