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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Guess I'm a Pink Hatter...

First, a clarification: Kathie Lee Gifford doesn't kick up her heels in "Hats! The Musical." That was a bit of disappointment, to say the least since I would have liked to see Regis Philbin's former colleague hoofing it up on stage. Oh well, I'll live. I found the show enjoyable, although bit a little difficult to relate to. I'm not on "the other side of my life" as one character says. Nor am I "getting on with getting on." But I could relate to "The Older the Fiddle, the Sweeter the Tune" especially now that I have returned from the Emerald Isle, where fiddles are more common than rainbows. I also do talk to myself and fairies, just like Melissa Manchester's character. I don't really talk to imaginary creatures, unless you count the ghost who put on kettle on my stove for a cup of tea two days ago. Yes, a supernatural being poured water into my teakettle, turned on the gas on my range, and heated up water. I suppose I could have done this act, but I wasn't thinking tea the other morning. I was eagerly anticipating up tomato juice and my French Vanilla Cappucino Cooler, not green tea. I was momentarily shocked, and turned off the gas. A few minutes later, I reheated the water. A friendly European ghost had a great idea, so why not? But I digress.
My favorite character? Duchess, an African-American woman of a certain dotage. Played by Laura Walls, Duchess is saucy, bawdy Red Hat Society member with more curves than a road in Ireland's hilly Connemara region. She doesn't have hot flashes, she has power surges. And shopping is better than you-know-what because if you're not satisfied, you can always return your purchase for something better. Out of all the women on stage, she'd be the one I'd belly up to a bar with any day. But I don't think she'd go for a Guinness or a Murphy's. She strikes me as more of Shiraz or Carbernet girl. And you know she wears a hat to church every Sunday where she's belting out Gospel tunes in a choir. She's utterly appealing because she doesn't censor herself (I know I do), she's not afraid to may mistakes (I dwell on mine into infinity) and adores life (I'm inclined to qualify my earthly existence).
So while the hats on stage were a bit of disappointment (too department-store looking), what I cherish the most are the memories. I know I'll be thinking about Duchess all day today as I go to the farmers' market to buy some basil, arugula, and maybe organic carrots. I'll be pondering how I can be more like her. Unafraid to show off my fantastic gams, stunning earlobes (yes, really!), and beautiful brown hair.
Last but not least, I got favorable comments on my hand-sewn, haute couture strawberry cocktail hat, which was primarily red. But I had to tell audience members emphatically "I'm not a member of the Red Hat Society." I don't want anyone to even think I'm even remotely near 100 years of age yet. The flip side is that, of course, anyone who would assume I'm a member would like mutter, "Wow! She looks really good for her age!" Which naturally I do. Incidentally, if I did choose to join this group, I'd be a pink hatter since I'm quite a bit younger than the typical applicant.
In any event, I would recommend seeing this show, but I have to worn you: If you wear a chapeau, the announcer will tell you to remove it so you don't block anyone else's view. Well, I didn't take off my bitty topper because it certainly wasn't blocking anyone's way.
What have been your favorite plays or movies that have hats as a central theme?

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Blogger Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Don't miss the Will Smith movie Bagger Vance for great hats on women and men. Wow and double wow!

6:48 PM  

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