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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Would you wear strawberries on your head? Like this Bes-Ben hat above, for instance. Actually this hat isn't just berries, it's got some daisies mixed in there too, like something a four-year-old would pick on a mission from his mother: "Go pick some berries and flowers for mommy." But those florals could be fried eggs. I can't tell. I would wear a chapeau like this to a party or even a swanky bar, but wouldn't it be a hoot to wear it to a farmer's market or the grocery store? You'd have to do it when strawberries are in season (as they were a few weeks ago. I missed picking up a large, shrink-wrapped box for canning. Darn!) for maximum effect. You could tell the farmer, "My berries will last longer than yours." You can't go for the "mine are cheaper" gambit though. This antique topper isn't cheap. But quality over quantity works though. Every time. You could swap the cocktail hat for bushels and bushels of this red heart-shaped fruit, but would you want to? Not I. Or you could don this vintage beauty for your next visit to a restaurant that serves strawberry shortcake. Bring the doll with the same name and people will think you're really off the wall. But you know what? I don't need this hat. Duh. I already have a strawberry cocktail hat that I made myself. And I like it berry much. (Bad joke, but nearly not as the duds by the man with this orchestra. Great guy and trombonist, though). On second thought, could you own too many fruity hats? It would certainly keep admirers on their tippy-toes to see you wearing something ever so slightly different. Best part about this accessory? This produce wouldn't get moldy ever. Wow!

On another note, thanks all for voting in my poll. I thought I would be more clear about my mission on this planet when I read the results...but I'm confused. Y'all are evenly split about whether I should gab about millinery or sewing! I could go either way and at least half of you would be happy. And one more thing before I go: per one reader's request, I'll see what I can do about bumping up the font size. Or at least changing the color of the background. More likely I bruise the upper part of my body before I accomplish the latter or the former...

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