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Friday, July 21, 2006


Oh how the camera rebelled at the Phoebe 45 party for designer Rebecca Taylor. It just didn't want to take any pictures. It turned sulky every time I turned it on. It took only one picture - this one - and I really had to cajole it. "Come on! I'll give you a Snickers when we get home." and "Yes, we'll go see 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' this weekend." But, my little Kodak EasyShare 530 wouldn't have any of it. I wanted to photograph Ann, who works at p45. Ann wore this wonderful dress she designed and made out of a lightweight celery fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics. She even lined it and stitched in pockets. I was very impressed with how carefully she matched her zipper to her lining. I just wanted to study that dress all night. But the little digital camera didn't care - it didn't even want the yummy pastries on the table or have a taste of the pinot grigio either. So there's no picture of Rebecca Taylor or any of the other party attendees who wore the cutest outfits - of course, you wouldn't expect nothing less at one of Chicago's most well-known clothing boutiques.


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