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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

For the Writer Or
Artist Within?

There's something quite romantic about this fabric. Who doesn't want to be surrounded by red roses, paint brushes, ink pens and paper? The neatnik within me wants to gather up those roses and put them in a vase, but for the purpose of this lovely voile fabric, roses scattered on a white background seems so right. It makes me think of the flowers that often get tossed onto the ice after an ice skater wins a competition. Anyhow, I see this Italian fabric stitched up into a dirnd skirt. You could wear and spill paint or ink on it, and it shouldn't matter because the splotch will look like it's intended to be there. You could tell people, "I'm an artist." You'd look so different from others in your field who always, always wear head-to-toe black. Anyhow, there's apparently a LIMITED amount of this fabric available so it's sure to go quickly. I don't have the funds to purchase it right now, otherwise, I'd hit the purchase button. My loss is your gain. Go ahead, buy it. Feed your inner artist or writer.


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