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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If the Shoe
Fits, Wear It!

There is something about these 1940s suede platform shoes that is utterly darling. For one thing, I'm in love with brown, an oddity considering I had to wear a brown check uniform skirt with a heavy brown cardigan sweater in junior high. For years afterward, I loathed brown. I didn't want to touch it. Brown and I were kind of the cousins make eye contact at parties yet politely ignore each other at the buffet table. But things have changed in recent years. I had a lightweight brown knit A-line skirt nearly every day. We only parted ways when it became faded and I found tiny holes in the fabric. Now I have a brown silk blouse. I used to think brunettes couldn't wear brown, and that this hue only looked striking on blondes, but I've changed my thinking. I think brunettes can look completely fantastic in chocolate tones, especially when they have a tan. Back to these 1940s platform shoes, they are $265. They look a bit narrow, but suede will stretch out. I know because I have a another pair of 1940s putty suede platform shoes that have nearly died nine times only to be rescuscitated by the cobbler. I wear these shoes all the time, even without stockings, so I know these chocolate platforms are wearable, and hey, they're a size 8. With a strap in the back and a peephole in the front for extra room, I know girls with a size 8 1/2 foot can wear these!


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